Chainsaw Sharpener Tool

Extend the life and significantly improve the functionality on any chainsaw with this compact device that safely sharpens in a matter of seconds

  • Turns dull blades to razor sharp in just 5 seconds
  • Adjustable model to be used on any chainsaw type
  • Safe and secure option to protect your hands from accidents while sharpening
  • Portable, lightweight and compact to fit any toolbox
"Don't throw away your old chainsaw before trying this"
"If you have old or rusty chainsaws in your garage, try this sharpener before throwing them away. It's very simple but so efficient that it actually restored life to a chainsaw I haven't used in years. "
"Saves a lot of money in the long run "
"Small investment that pays off. Why should you spend money on a new chainsaw when this small thing will make your old one as sharp as the chainsaw you'll buy from a store? Even if you are an occasional user, it's still worth having it."
"Better than the massive sharpeners"
"I work with lumber and spend a lot of time outdoors so this small and light sharpener is a great option for me. It's convenient to always have it in the toolbox, because only 2 seconds improve the functionality of the chainsaw and I get the job done easier and faster ."
"Simple and practical"
"Very easy operation - just place the blade into the corresponding hole to hold it tight and turn on for sharpening. I don't need a chainsaw so often; only for taking care of my farm, but still the blades turn dull from just sitting around and with this, the chainsaw is sharp whenever I need it."